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Roleplay Rules

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Roleplay Rules

Post by Haven Shirotake on Tue Sep 03, 2013 9:19 am

As stated in the title, you'll find the rules concerning Roleplaying in this topic. Here's how it goes.


1: Each Roleplay must have at least two members or more.

No starting Roleplays by oneself, even if it's for training purposes. You can do that in a separate document and program, not here. The reason I lay this rule down is because of the credit system I have given this forum. Roleplaying by oneself would be considered a way of "farming" their own credits, which, around here, is considered unfair and unjust. More about credits will be stated in the "Credits Trade" category, and the forums within it.

2: One account permitted per Rp session.
I do permit those who register here to have more than one account on the forum, for those who like to have more organization with their characters. However, you cannot use more than one of your own account within a single Roleplay. Similar to the first rule, it is a way of farming credits, and is unfair.

You may use your multiple accounts in separate Roleplays, but they CANNOT be in the same Roleplay at once. Of course, Roleplays via messages are an exception because you don't gain credits from sending messages.

3: Multiple characters owned by a single person CAN be used in a Roleplay, but on a single account and with some restrictions.
Yes, I bid that several people who join this forum will, in fact, be tempted to create more than one character AND account to match up with it, much like myself. I will allow a maximum of THREE characters owned by a single person to be used in a Roleplay, but only on a single account of theirs. This is normally for specific battles or scenes.

Note that, if you use more than one character on one account of yours, you will not gain the same amount of credits on all of the character accounts that you made to match up with the characters used, if they were even created to begin with. The credits will only be given to the account that you put to use in your multi-character Roleplay, and no other account of yours.

4: Sexual Roleplays are permitted, just...keep them through message. Please.
Whatever you want to Roleplay is whatever you want to Roleplay. Just...please. Keep the sexual situations sealed IN EXCHANGED MESSAGES, and not in forum posts. I'll accept things such as hugging and kissing, if kept somewhat minor. Anything past that goes straight to message-type Roleplaying, and if I or any of the admins find any explicit sexual posts here and there on the forum, it will be removed and you run the risk of being banned.

5: Unless fighting against NPC's, NO AUTO HITS.
This is a rule that I've gone by for my past...three years of Roleplaying, after I achieved a grade above basic. I can't stress this enough; when fighting against other fellow members, NO.AUTO.HITS. When I say this, I mean you can't strike the other player without giving them the chance to retaliate. An example of this would be:

After ducking down Haven immediately shot his right foot outwards, dragging his heel along the terrain while circulating his frame for a legsweep. As soon as he felt the collision between both his and Eboneil's shins, and also saw the sight of him stumbling and falling, the teen immediately shifted himself into a crouching position. Left hand outreached, he grasped the other's shirt collar. The remaining hand would hook around toward the opposite end of his waist, taking hold of his double-edged katana within an instant and drawing it with a sharp scrape of metal. Before one would be able to even begin to screech in panic he shifted his armed position, jabbing his weapon's blade through his victim's abdomen.

Now if you pay attention to this post, I never would've left Eboneil (a secondary character of mine) have a chance to retaliate --- if I even bothered to type up a reply post for Eboneil --- because I worded my post so that every single action I made landed in succession. See, the acceptable, revised version of this post would be:

Having been able to dodge the last blow, Haven quickly ducked toward the ground. He slid toward Eboneil's feet, stretching a leg outward and dragging his figure within a circular arc in attempt to legsweep him. If he were to succeed he would immediately spring back up toward his heals, making a swift, temporary retreat as he processed several backflips to gain distance between himself and his mentor. If it just so happened that he hadn't successfully pulled the legsweep, the ashen-haired teen would then ball his left hand into a fist, launching it forward with such speed and strength to try and aim a strong blow for an area ranging within the other's bottom jaw and collarbones. Regardless as to whether or not this strike would land, the boy would then progress to hook his eastern extremity around, grasping a hold of one of his katana by the handle. The sliding, metallic cry would sound as he drew his blade, and seconds before he made an attempted sword thrust forward. The strike was aimed to impale the abdomen but, knowing Eboneil's quick and sturdy reflexes like his own, he knew that it would more than likely end up as a minor to somewhat painful gash as his target would probably backstep or sidestep.

Attempting. Trying.
No auto-hitting, whatsoever.
It makes your post somewhat longer most of the time, so it requires more patience in Roleplays. However, this is how I want it. I've found that, when auto-hitting is enabled, battles tend to lose much of their flare and sense of interest. In addition to this, it also makes battles last far shorter than the time that they're truly capable of lasting.

As stated, you may auto-hit when it comes to NPC's, because...well, they aren't actual Roleplays competing with us. So...they're the exceptions.

6: Two free characters; four Roleplaying characters maximum.
In this Roleplay forum, I'll allow you guys to have four characters total, but only two are free. The other two are to be purchased with enough Credits. No exceptions whatsoever.
Remember that for each character you have, you can create another account --- CAN. It's optional, but you can do it if you want.
To learn about character purchases, go to the Credit Trade category and the forums attached to it when I've...actually created topics to go in it.

7: Uh...yeah, of course cussing is aloud.
Yep, cussing is aloud here, even though you don't hear much of it in the original RWBY series. I'll allow you guys to use all of those words that you know, as long as they aren't used to DIRECTLY hurt another ROLEPLAYER. I understand that several people may have some sort of relationships between their characters that drives them to cuss each other out, and that expresses the weird affection and closeness between them. Hell, I even use that with my siblings and friends. But if it's used to directly hurt a Roleplayer --- I'll allow it if it's between characters that, ehm...hate each other/dislike each other --- then the situation will be looked into. Similar to rule four, you will run the risk of being banned if I or any of the admins catch you being intentionally offensive and hurtful directly toward another member of the site.

8: Please follow the templates.
Note that if we find an application that doesn't follow the templates provided, it will be rejected until the correct template is used. However, please note that you may still have errors if this happens. Just be patient if this is the case and fix your errors accordingly.

And...other than this, just have fun. Hope you guys enjoy your time here in RWBY Roleplay, and laugh at how uncreative I was with this forum title. HAH.

~Haven Shirotake/Eboneil Stratek, Forum Creator

***Additional rules will be added when/if thought of; feel free to comment below to suggest new rules or question about anything.***


9/9/13 --- First Edit

...At least I think I did. Don't remember.
Pffft anyways.

9: Ask before entering.
Please. If you're looking to join an existing Roleplay that's still in progress, ask the participating members within that Roleplay first. If you join a Roleplay without warning anybody, it may cause some trouble. You know...confusion, perhaps a tad of conflict? Yeah...we don't want that here.

If you're going to ask to join a Roleplay. I'd also ask that you contact the person/people via message, or perhaps on the forum Chatbox --- located on the forum homepage --- when possible. This is to prevent any non-topic posts and replies on the Roleplay forums.

Haven Shirotake
Haven Shirotake

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