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Credits: How to Earn Them

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Credits: How to Earn Them

Post by Haven Shirotake on Sun Sep 08, 2013 11:45 am

There are a few different ways that you can gain credits here.

You can gain credits by Roleplaying. This is actually the primary way that many people here will get their credits because, aside from other things I have yet to set up/bring up to speed, Roleplaying will be one of the only ways to gain credits. And remember; enough credits grants you access to items within the shops. Who knows; you may even have some use for them.

A little bit more on the Roleplaying. Let me tell you here and now; you get credits from Roleplaying in the normal, canon areas that I set up. The person who creates the Roleplay topic gets five credits, since he/she started the Roleplay. All reply posts afterwards, be it from the topic creator or other fellow Roleplayers, will then be three credits each. Things are just the slightest bit different in the secondary Roleplaying area: The Arena.

In the Arena, the person who starts the topic gains seven credits, and then all posts afterwards are five credits each. HOLD UP THOUGH; this ONLY applies to the forum where you actually fight. If you post in the Arena Guidelines or the Arena Challenge forums, you will NOT gain any credits. It only applies to the forum labeled Arena: The Fight.

Now that we're talking about the Arena, may as well add something else to know about it. Though you don't gain any credits from posting in the first two forums of the Arena's overall category, you can make credit-based bets when typing a PvP Roleplay challenge, not a Group vs. NPC. More about this will eventually be listed in the Arena Rules and Guidelines.

As of now, the last way to gain credits is going to be through contests and whatnot. Yes, I plan to hold contests in the near future. They'll be art-based, story-based...perhaps based on anything that I can think of. The winner(s) will get the Credit reward that I have set when I actually set the contest up. So...this is something to look forward to.

These are currently the ways to gain credits. If I can think of any other way(s), they'll be added.

~Haven Shirotake/Eboneil Stratek; Forum Creator


9/9/13 --- First Edit

Aaaaah I just noticed now, I forgot to add that, for each day you're registered, to gain two credits. Just a little per day, though it still counts.
Haven Shirotake
Haven Shirotake

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