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General Forum Rules

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General Forum Rules

Post by Haven Shirotake on Sun Sep 08, 2013 11:16 am

Yep, one more set of rules in this little forum. Other rules for other topics will be placed under the correct forum, which, if I remember correctly, are further down on the homepage.

Yeah, I'm aware that some of these rules may be repeated.


1: Cussing is aloud, of course, but please. Respect the other people here.
As stated in the Roleplay rules, yes, cussing is aloud here. I know that some people don't like to cuss, and I respect that. They don't have to, of course; this isn't one of those strict, ridiculous rules saying that you have to cuss, like...what, every other post? Nahhh, of course not. This is for those people (myself included HAH) to cuss, to put it bluntly. I do allow cussing against other Roleplayers if it's in the sort of playful, sarcastic, and possibly weirdly affectionate way.

I understand that everybody has moments where they word things wrong and screw up, making what they say (possibly) hurtful at times. But...hey, accidents happen. However, if this isn't the case and you were knowingly, intentionally using your words (both common and cusses) to hurt any other Roleplayer here, you run the risk of being banned.

I this this rule holds cross-info about both cussing and respect. Because I mean...we all need respect around here. Aye?

2: Yes, there will be...conversations...that are to be unseen by younger kids.
When I say this, I mean that there will be sexual references, racial jokes/slurs, minor sexuality jokes/references, etc. I know that I may get bashed on by adding this, but I will make things like this acceptable --- TO A VERY, VERY MINOR EXTENT.

See, I'm one of those horrible kids who gets a kick out of referring to my friends as "Fabulous" when they act girly, or call some of my friends "Brownie" or other nicknames according to their race. I'll allow business like that around here, solely because it's normally used for humorous purposes, let's just say it would be really wrong for me to strictly forbid anybody from making the jokes that I do. I know that there's gonna be at least one person who has a similar...unique sense of humor of my own, and I don't want them to feel bored around here.

Now, let's talk briefly about that extent. Remember that you WILL cross the line if you go so far as to BASH another's sexuality, race, etc. I'll allow things like this if they're MINOR and are strictly for JOKING AROUND. But if you are PURPOSELY aiming to talk smack about one's race, sexuality, or other things along those lines, you will be banned. There won't even be any warning, and we won't even look into the situation. You will be banned. On the spot. (Note that you will be able to get banned by calling another an extensive, and possibly offensive, nickname; an example of this would be nigga/nigger.)

Everybody has their own thoughts, opinions, and whatnot. For us all to be here, we need to respect that. Come on guys., I can't even think of a third rule for the general rules.
I must be off today.

Well, anyways, I guess that's it for now. I'll update this when/if I think of more rules to add here.
Feel free to comment below to suggest a rule, by all means go ahead.

~Haven Shirotake/Eboneil Stratek; Forum Creator
Haven Shirotake
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